Benefits, uses, dosage and disadvantages of shilajit

Shilajit is considered one of the unique things in the world. It is formed by the contraction of organic matter buried between layers of rocks for hundreds of thousands of years. It is a very effective and safe supplement used in Ayurvedic medicines and leaves a positive effect on your overall health.


1- Learn more about Shilajit

Shilajit is a repository of many things like anti oxidants, humic acid and fulvic acid. It contains more than 80 minerals which are good for the body.

2-  Properties of Shilajit

Selenium and minerals confluence
Anti oxidant
Anti inflammatory
Memory enhancer


3- Benefits of Shilajit

Anti aging ingredient

Shilajit is a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory with fulvic acid. It protects our cells from free radicals and prevents damage to our cells.

Help with anemia

Shilajit is also helpful in fighting the symptoms of iron and anemia such as irregular heart rate, headache, cold hands and feet, weakness and fatigue.

Improve heart health

The facts show that Shilajit improves blood attacks in the heart and helps to pump blood in a healthy way.

Boost testosterone levels

People who consume Shilajit regularly have high testosterone levels. It is a symbol of good mood and enhances the ability to think. High levels of testosterone in men protect muscle tissue and reduce body fat.

Anti stress component

People who suffer from depression have lower zinc levels. The natural zinc found in Shilajit is essential for more than 300 enzymes in our body.

Improve memory

Testosterone levels contribute significantly to your way of thinking. Taking Shilajit is also beneficial because the fulvic acid present in it promotes brain health and memory work.

Boost performance levels

Shilajit works at the cellular level to improve the production of energy in the body. People using it always feel refreshed and recover quickly.


4- How to use Shilajit

It is important to take it tightly for health benefits from Shilajit. You have to start with very small amounts.

Start by taking 100 mg of Shilajit with water.

Gradually increase the peas to as much as possible, or take them as needed.

5- Shilajit supplements

It is advisable to take 300 to 500 mg a day. It is important that before taking any natural supplement, take medical advice.


6- Shilajit losses

Searches suggest that it is safe to take Shilajit as a long-term dietary supplement until possible harm is seen.

Shilajit lowers blood pressure, which is fatal for patients on high blood pressure medications.

Heart patients or persons with a history of hypotension should not take Shilajit to avoid falling blood pressure.


7- To buy Shilajit

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