With summer upon us, it’s time to venture out for a few fun activities. From swimming to trekking to easily relaxing at the beach, summer is that the season for all things outdoors.To complement these activities, you would like a snack that’s delicious and straightforward to hold so you’ll munch thereon wherever you’re . And what more sensible choice than some delicious and nutritious dry fruits!Store them in your bag for a fast nibble, add them to refreshing smoothies, or chop them up as garnish for your frozen dessert . nuggling within the warmth of a blanket, sipping hot a dark chai by the fireside , foggy climate forms the right backdrop of winters. this is often furthermore complemented by family outings that bring affection and gratitude to loved ones. But with chattering teeth and cold chills, winters also invite a gamut of illnesses like fever, asthma, flu, cough, etc. In fact, a study has also reflected that dropping temperature is liable for spreading cold and flu viruses through the air. Not just this, but weather is adequate to meagre sunlight thus curbing your immunity with deprivation of vitamin D . This dry spell is then followed by headache, respiratory ailments, skin problems, joint pains, streptococcal sore throat , so on then forth. However, with a correct diet and healthy habits one can definitely keep off the spell of winter illness. And a healthy diet can’t be complete without dry fruits and nuts on the platter. full of necessary nutrients, vitamins, they’re a blessing in winters to stay your blood heat warm and fight against infections.The season of outside fun summer is already here, and it’s time to enjoys some thrilling outdoor activities. While it’s important to spare a while out of your busy schedule for going out for summer fun, it’s equally important to stay yourself hydrated and energized.Whether Trekking or Swimming, Rafting or letting yourself a while on beachfront for relaxation, you usually got to consume something that keeps the energy state up in your body. to take care of the energy state , you would like some snacks in your summer diet that you simply simply can carry along without the necessity to handle them and what better snacks than the delicious dry fruits for summer that you can consume in myriad ways.With instant accessibility, the dry fruits are often stored either during a bag strapped round the waist or are often mixed with smoothies like thick mango or fruit juice in order that you’ll regularly feed yourself while on the go. Here may be a list of six dry fruits encompassing healthy diet, to form your summer healthy and pleasant


Rich in potassium, dates are a delicious option for a healthy gastrointestinal system . a few of dates every morning goes an extended way in regulating your metabolism. Dates also are very high in calories and are an honest source of vitamins, iron, and fibre. Choose a date if you’re trying to find a fast boost of energy.They are utilized in differing types of sweet dishes and may even be consumed on their own. The dry fruit is rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and natural sugar and is believed to supply relief from constipation, aside from treating anaemia.Don’t miss your date with this Iron-rich edible fruit . mention winters and this gooey yet super-delicious dry fruit involves mind. This wholesome and nourishing delight are often savoured in any form, be it dessert or as a snack also . When it involves dry fruits, dates are the primary snack that pops into our mind. If you’re someone who falls in need of energy immediately after alittle workout and after a brief sports session, data palms might be an instantaneous energy-booster for your body. Rich with a good sort of nutrients including fiber, iron and a number of other sorts of vitamins, few dates, if eaten within the morning, will keep your energy state in situ , thereby regulating the metabolism and gastrointestinal system


If you’re looking to shed some weight this summer, then address dried figs. With a coffee sugar content, they’re the proper pick for guilt-free snacking. Figs are also high in iron and vitamin Bc , and help maintain good blood health. Rich in antioxidants, they also prevent hypertension and heart disease .A rich source of vitamin Bc , potassium and iron, the figs has lower amount of sugar in them. So, if you’re mulling over losing some weight this summer, figs could be a right composition of your healthy diet. While iron aids in preserving the good health of the blood, the antioxidants in figs will keep the center diseases cornered , thereby keeping you healthy and tension-free.In winters, many choose a sedentary lifestyle thus leading to less mobility and intestines becoming lazy. Furthermore, the sleep hormones are at its peak and with less oxygen, there’s fatigue within the air. and every one these problems cause constipation but figs or fondly called anjeer, help to attenuate these problems. Figs are rich in sulphur, copper, chlorine, calcium, and potassium that helps in soothing movement but also in reducing obesity and blood glucose . they’re also helpful for cold, strengthening of bones, anemia and heart diseases. So, spruce up your mithais and jams with figs or toss them in your salads for a healthy winter diet.

Dried Mango:

Dried mango could even be a real tropical delight. This treat allows you to enjoy the luscious, sweet taste of real mangoes anytime and anywhere. Try these dried mangoes as a snack or as a neighborhood of a delicious dessert. Rich in vitamin A , B-complex vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, dried mangoes are a wonderfully healthy addition to your diet.Summer is that the season of mango! While little beats the experience of biting into the juicy flesh, give the dried ones a try too. Dried mango last longer than fresh ones, so you’ll refill for the entire year. they’re also rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E.Known as “The king of Fruits” – Mango is, of course, the favourite of all. Who doesn’t wish to suck into the juice Mango! While you’ll eat pulpy juicy mangoes or dry mangoes to remain your adrenaline rushing, it’s an honest idea to means to dried mangoes as they last longer  typically over a year. Rich in Vitamins including A and E, the king of fruits has adequate amount of antioxidants in it.


Whether you employ them to feature a twist to savoury dishes, or munch on them as is, dried grapes are great all year long, including summer! they’re high in potassium and fibre, and assist you regulate acidity. Raisins also are an upscale source of iron, making them how to combat anaemia. Raisins are an excellent alternative for the appetite . Raisins are power-packed with potassium and magnesium that helps in lowering the sign . Raisins also act an antioxidant that helps in fighting cancer. most significantly , viruses are more active during the winter and consumption of raisins helps in protecting the body against infection because it boasts anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. So, if your sweet buds are tingling then try some amazing recipes with raisins.The Raisin can either be used as a surplus to delectable dishes so on up the taste quotient or are often eaten as is. Not only are they an upscale source of Fiber and Potassium, they will be eaten anytime within the year.


Not only are dried apricots a powerhouse of nutrients like iron, fibre, vitamins A and C, calcium, and potassium, they’re also a delicious snack to munch on. Dried apricots impart a glowing complexion, for that perfect summer look, and their juice are often used to treat sunburns.Apricots provide for 47% of your daily vitamin A needs during one serving and are an honest source of potassium, vitamin E and copper. Vitamin E, like all anti-oxidant vitamins (A and C), is critical in protecting the cells from damage caused by free radicals. this is often often often often especially important in summer when the sun is at its strongest. Dried apricots are good for the skin, eyes and thus the system .The dried version of the gorgeous orange fruit is filled with antioxidants and good for your skin too. Loaded with the goodness of vitamin A , apricots could help in enhancement of vision. apart from this, it also helps keep the system in check .When it involves holistic dry snack that provides you presumably every nutrient in it, there’s perhaps no better dry fruit than Apricots after dates. Rich in Potassium, Iron, Fiber, and vitamin C and vitamin A , the delicious power-pack of nutrients alone can keep you energy-packed all day. Apricots help your body repair sunburns additionally of offering a mechanism to remain the complexion healthy and glowing.


Staying hydrated could also be an honest thanks to guard your organs, and it’s also one of the secrets to healthy skin.Prunes have a high sugar content, which allows them to be dried without fermenting. They’re also high in fiber, which can assist you regulate your bowels and your bladder.Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day is nice for this. But a way to feature some extra flavor and nutrients to your day is by including prune juice in your diet.Prunes are a natural source of vitamin K and rich in fiber. vitamin K additionally to fiber will assist you’ve got a healthy eye and keeps the metabolism system in place while reducing the risks of attack . As an honest energy-source, prunes can also be consumed before a gym workout. The dried plumb consists of 64% Carbohydrates and are often utilized within the preparations of home-made sweets and dishes also .Prunes, or dried plums, offer healthy vision, regulate sign , and keep your bones strong. Rich in fibre and vitamin K , prunes help maintain a healthy metabolism and reduce risks of strokes. you’ll also munch on a few for a burst of energy before a workout or sports session.


Dried fruits and particularly figs, are a convenient and superior source of some nutrients, but within the American diet amount to but 1% of total fruit consumed. Figs are in vivo antioxidants after human consumption. The findings suggest that dried fruits should be a greater a neighborhood of the diet as they’re dense in phenol antioxidants and nutrients, most notably fiber.Read More






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