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Google AdWords for beginners – A Step-by-Step Guide

Reach new customers and grow your business with Google Advertising, Google’s online advertising program. These guides are designed to get you up to speed quickly, so that you can create successful ads and turn your advertising investment into revenue. Just choose the path that is right for you to start!

What you’ll learn

AdWords Fundamentals
Campaign targeting
Manage budgets and bids
Create successful ads
Keyword research
Competitive research
Research tool
Optimization strategies
In Advanced AdWords (Display and Remarketing)

I did not get

I have a ton of friends who have their own companies. As soon as they start making some money, they start talking to me about every kind of investment.

“Real estate is considered good.”

“I want to be an angel investor, any suggestions?”

My general reaction?

“AdWords, friend!”

They run these big companies, sell great products and what do they do?

Run away and try to put your money in anything, execute your own business.

Why not just sell your products?

Double-down on what is already working, instead of you start playing in an area you know nothing about.

Google AdWords is usually the easiest way to do this.

If my friend wants to make 10 times his investment money, say $ 50,000, he can

Spend 1000 hours trying to be good at angel investing, learn all about it and expect to invest in Facebook next (which is almost impossible).
Do the same for real estate, try to snag a cheap apartment or condo and flip it (easy, but still hard).
Spend 100 hours learning Google AdWords (or hiring someone who knows it) and investing $ 50,000 in Google AdWords campaigns to make $ 500,000 in sales.
Which one do you think is most likely you can pan?

Option 3, it is not a mind.

Today, I want to open the black box that Google AdWords is to most people and show you what it is, how to get started and how to reverse engineer your success.

If you are well aware of the cost and margin of your products and services – then, learning Google AdWords is the best way to get your money. AdWords covers your ROI by hundreds of percentage points.

1- Out of every $ 3 spent on advertising on the web, Google gets $ 1.
2- 95% of Google’s $ 60 billion in annual revenue comes from Google AdWords.
3- AdWords Google can be understood as a marketplace where companies place their website at the top       of Google’s search results pages for their keywords.

Let’s tap into the steps and learn the Google benefits and run Internet marketing campaigns on Google to get great benefits-

Best ways to learn Google AdWords through Google AdWords Learning Center

Step 1: How to set up a Google AdWords account

To learn AdWords and open your AdWords account, all you have to do is go to Google AdWords and click on Now Start Now.

Now, enter your email ID (preferable if you use a Gmail account) and the home / landing page URL to open your AdWords account.

At that point, Google needs you to set up your first AdWords campaign — to set up your first AdWords campaign, you’ll need to do a lot of things you’re unaware of, so leave your browser tab open in the background, Keep a calculator with you, and follow the steps below –

Step 2: How to calculate your AdWords campaign budget

This is quite easy to do and even a third grade student can calculate it. Considering the amount you can easily spend on your campaign, you need two parts to accomplish this: –benefit per transaction and conversion rate.

The conversion rate is the percentage of people who actually place an order when they come to your landing page – for 1000 views on a single page, if 10 people buy, that’s a 1% conversion rate.
In the event that you think it is still okay to make $ 80 per deal, then it is okay to pay Google a 30% commission for each conversion through AdWords. By understanding all this properly you can find out the maximum CPC.

CPC (cost-per-click) = profit x commission for Google x conversion rate – this will help you scale your CPC and decide your spending plan.

There is a regular confusion – you need a heap of clicks to have the ability to measure anything – which is not valid, you just need a few clicks to start your ad campaign.

Obviously, the more information you have, the more solid your ad campaign will be. Off chance that you start with 20 clicks for just about every day, that’s fine.

Step 3: Now choose a keyword for your AdWords campaign

How to learn Google AdWords Guides Emphasize this step.

Since you know that you need your maximum keyword value to be in the top 3 range, this is an ideal opportunity to decide some keywords.

Create a beeline for Google Keyword Planner and start searching for your keywords, because you need to put yourself in the shoes of your users. Like in the event you were expecting to buy the best digital marketing books on the web, what you could type in the Google search bar- just like that.
You can define your product category, additionally, language, country under the ‘Targeting’ option.
For Google, simply select ‘Google’ and exclude the network. Now go to the Keyword Ideas tab, and see that the monthly search volume for your keyword in your area, in addition, is the average CPC for each keyword.

Step 4: You need to check the competition to be the leader in your industry

Seeing your competitor’s online presence will help you find out if it is easy to compete.
Keep in mind how Google AdWords considers quality.

You need to know how great your ads must be to win. It is otherwise called competitive intelligence.
One of the best ways to learn about Google AdWords is to go to and enter your keyword.
On the off chance that you tap on “Advertiser History”, you will also observe the actual advertisements used by your competitors.

Step 5: Role of your landing page according to Google AdWords Learning Center

Ensuring that your landing page is effective enough to attract and convert is considered as one of the best practices advised by the Google AdWords Learning Center.
You are burning through cash to get traffic. You will pay cash to individuals to visit your site, however, converting them and urging you to pay cash is still your business. If your landing page is not effective enough, you can lose all your money.
Make sure that you have done everything to convert your visitors before starting your advertising campaign.
You instantly double your cash and have the ability to spend more on Google ads. Google AdWords recommends learning that Google AdWords can provide enthusiastic responses if your landing page converts.

Here 4 points are focused on-
Let the design be straightforward –

Do not pack your page to attract and attract huge amount of videos, attractive designs, animations.

Make the headline effective and allow it to emerge –

this is the main thing that individuals read and it has to be powerful.

Write explicit content –

Try not to try to sound lover by using complex words that no one gets. Write while talking. What you bring to the table is understandable

Use visual cues, pictures and other visual components –

once again, don’t try too hard. These things should help users to understand your message clearly, not to turn it into the sole purpose behind getting their attention.

Need an example of a well-designed landing page? –

View Digital Learning simple landing page design, clear feature and direct guidelines. Their landing page immediately tells you what you will get. What’s more, that you will get it quickly.

Once your landing page is effective enough, then this is the right time for Google AdWords processes to return.

Step 6: Now you’re almost ready to set up your first Google advertising campaign

Given the best way to learn Google AdWords and set up your advertising campaign, it needs to target the right place. This is the top advice to learn about Google AdWords through the Google AdWords Learning Center.

In the event that your business is operating in India, you have to enter India in a location setting.
Go to the bottom of the network- Uncheck the Display Network because you need to display your ads in Google advertising results, not the various sites in your industry.

At that point, enter your keyword (don’t insist on Google’s suggestions, you can include more recently) and set your offer to the minimum amount. Amazing! -All you remember now is your advertisement.

Step 7: Now it’s time to write your first Google ad

The next step in learning the Google AdWords guide is writing your first Google advertising campaign. All in all, what does it do to make an awesome Google ad? a few things-

You do not have a ton of space to communicate. Thus, be fast, attractive and painless.
Being one of a kind incentive offers makes the difference. Adding UVP (Unique Value Proposition) is the best way to show what your company offers. Keep in mind the old Domino’s slogan – “You’re given a fresh, hot pizza in less than 30 minutes – it’s free!” – What else do you need to do after ordering your pizza? Quick delivery and it is still fresh and hot when you get it.

Domino Google Ad Example

Invest some time that you are not the same as your competitors. What will you be able to tell the table that your competitors do not have? Capitalize on that and plan your strategy accordingly.

Similarly it is quite important to use call to action. The simplest way to motivate individuals to click on your ad is to make such a request.

Without effective call to action, the rate of your click through rate will deteriorate. CTA- Take a look at this ad related to keywords without “cheap bricks” –

AdWords ad with CTA explicit

In particular they do not exclude appropriate keywords (in actual size this is extremely useful), but at the same time there is no activity (CTA) that they provoke me to take.

Another important factor to know about a Google AdWords campaign is the effective use of the display URL — shown below the title. It can be anything you need, yet the domain name must coordinate with the domain of your landing page.

Additional highlighting requires using keywords in your display URL. For example, if your landing page is com, you should also create your display URL – see the image below-


Text ad example in Google AdWords

You can also remove “https: //” in your display URL to ensure more space for your ‘ensure keywords’. Let’s understand the different parts of this Google text ad-

Title (Headline): 

“Get cheap bricks fast” is a title that does not rely exclusively on keywords and emerges as a result, though it is the same way people can, allowing users to click on your ad. Persuades for

Display URL:

You should have URLs that are easily highlighted in search results and related ads to make your advertising campaign more relevant.

Ad copy:

You only have 2 lines, which is not much to receive the message. “Our bricks are inexpensive and delivered within 2 days.” – This is quite a clear message to woo and attract your prospects.

Call-to-action (CTA):

“Order Today” is a correct CTA that signals possibilities for quick action.

Step 8: There are details that you need to fix

Now, for the first time, you will arrive at your dashboard.
First, you’ll need to stop your AdWords campaign, so it won’t start running at this time.

On the occasion of clicking on the campaign, you will see that within the campaign, Google created an ad group.
When you start running a large AdWords campaign, with different keywords, you have to divide them into different ad groups as this makes your ads less complicated.

Set up a Google AdWords Campaign

Now you need to click on your keyword and set it to phrase match.
First, Google sets it for broad match, but it is not a target match to run a goal-oriented AdWords campaign, so it needs to go with the ‘phrase match’ option.
“Exact match” can be highly targeted as it allows only precise phrases. “Phrase match” is the best option, as it includes your keyword as “fixed phrase” and allows you to include other words related to the keyword.

Step 9: Now you need to set up conversion tracking

Keep in mind how I said that the best way to learn Google AdWords is to ensure conversion for your ad campaign, because all these steps are useless without conversion. This is why you have to track all these steps and Google does so through snippets of code.

After reaching your client you need to put some code on the page – after making a purchase from you, which will make AdWords Google realize that the customer makes a purchase every time they click on your ad.

To set it- you need to go to “tool” and then “conversion”.


Google adwords example

Now click on “+ Conversion“.


conversion setting in Google Adwords

Now, in next step, you should choose “Website.”


Google AdWords setting

Now you need to add the basic information- a name and the value of your conversion.


adding basic information in your text ad

You are almost done now, just click on- “save and continue.”

Now you are at the page with the code snippet, so you need to copy the code snippet and add it to the HTML code of thank you page of your website.


Snippet Code while setting up your Adwords campaign

Firstly, it will say “Unverified”; however, that will change after a few hours or a day.


is that all! -Now you need to go to the Campaigns tab and let your Google AdWords campaign run.

Step 10- What to do when your campaign is ready to run

very less!
Google will survey your ad before it shows your prospects. This is why it does not bode well to immediately remove the load of advertisements.


Once you go into your account the next day and see that your ad has expired (you will receive an email from Google in addition), you can start creating more ads by replicating your original Google AdWords ad. Are. In this way, you can avoid experiencing the approval process again and again.
For this you need to go to the Ads tab-

Ads tab of Google AdWords

Now, you should select your ad in the checkbox and then you need click “Edit,” and then “Copy.”


Google Adwords steps to learn Google Adwords

Now, you again need to do the same and click “Paste”. This will let you paste your ad and after this, you need to check both boxes.

Google Adwords steps according to Google Adwords learning centre

After this, you need to click on your copied ad to modify it. Here, you are required to change the copy or headline.

How to run your Google Adwords campaign tips

With a specific end goal to get the best results from your Google AdWords objective of learning, you generally need to test specific ads against each other. In the event that you only run one ad and you get poor results, you cannot compare and know what went wrong and what went better. This is why you need to create a second ad on your second day, once confirmed earlier.



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