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How to know if you forget Gmail Id and Password – Complete information



Have you forgotten your Gmail Id and Password, then this post is for you only, in this post we will tell you how to find out if you forget your Gmail Id and Password. This happens to many people who forget to create their Google Account.

This happens for people who use the internet less when they need an email id, so we remember that we created an email id, remember that the email id was created, but what the name of the email id Hai, it is not known, now the name of the email id will not be known, so there is no question of remembering the password, then they search the internet.

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If you have any of these questions, then we are going to tell you Lost Gmail ID Aur Password Recover Karne Ka Tarika, you can get your lost Google Account back.

How to Find Gmail Id and Password – Method 1

Note: To Recover Gmail ID / Password you must have the mobile number {Sim Card}, the mobile number from which you created the Gmail ID and that mobile number must be in working condition because an OTP code will come on that mobile number in the same OTP. With the help of the code, you will be able to reset the Gmail ID name and Gmail ID password.

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If you have that mobile number, then proceed to recover your lost Google account and follow the following steps

Step 1 First of all go to, if you are not already logged into your browser with any Gmail ID, then the page will open in front of you and if you already Log in with another email id, log it out then click on sign in

Step 2 Now here you do not have to put anything and click on Find My Account below, if you come to the option of Forgot email, you can also click on it, the further process is the same in both the ways.

Step 3 Now here you can see the option of Enter Email or Phone Number is coming. Email ID is not there, so you enter your mobile number here, then click on Next.

Step 4 Now a new page will open, enter your first name, enter the last name and then click on Next

Step 5 In the next page you will see your mobile number, then you have to click on send text message, then an OTP code will come on your mobile number and verify your mobile number by entering the OTP code.

Step 6 After confirming the mobile number, you will see your Gmail ID, click on your email ID.


How to reset gmail id password

After finding the Gmail ID, you can also reset the password by opening in another page and entering your email ID and clicking on forgot password, if you want to reset the password from here, proceed

After clicking on step 7 email ID, you will be asked to enter your Gmail ID password, do not remember your password, so click on Need Need Help below.

Step 8 Now a new page will open again, you will be asked to enter the password again Click on Try Another Way

After clicking on Step 9 Try Another Way, if you have added a Recovery Email / Phone to your Google Account, then that too will be visible to you, through that you can also recover your Gmail ID, but if you have any recovery email If you have not kept the ID and mobile number by adding it, then the options will come in front of you, send text message and get a call.

You can get OTP code through Message by clicking on Send Text Message and by clicking on Get a Call you can get OTP Code by Call, by selecting any one of them, you can verify your mobile number again. , If you choose text message, it would be nice

Step 10 In the next page, the option to enter the password will come in front of you, enter a strong password and re-enter the same password below, then click on the Change Password button congratulation. Now your Google Account is Recover


How to Find Gmail Id and Password Method 2

We are giving you another way to find email ID and password.

Go to account recovery first

Now you don’t have to put anything in the box. Click on Forgot Email below.
Now enter your mobile number and click on Next button
Now put your first Name, last Name then click on Next
The next process is the same as friends, as I told in method number 1, the same way now OTP will come on your mobile number, the OTP code has to be verified, after that you will see your email id, after knowing the email id, clicking on forgot password Also you can reset the password, to reset the password you will have to verify the mobile number again, after verifying you can change your Gmail ID password



I hope you have successfully recovered your Google account, friends, when you know the email ID, you can reset the password by clicking on forgot password.

In this post, I have given you complete information about how to know email id and how to change email id password, I hope this post will be very helpful for you in recovering lost Google account.

How to know if you forget Gmail Id and Password- If you get help from the complete information post, then please take 1 minute time and share this post with your friends on social media and tell them Lost Gmail id Password Kaise Recover Karte Hai


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