Reasons you need to switch to wires and cables

Cables are the essential components of any electrical system. There are differing types of cables that are available within the market. the selection of which specific cable types should be used for specific purposes is predicated on several factors, the foremost important of them being the technical specifications of the functions.As much as you’ll be conversant with electric cables, it’s possible that there are things about power cables that are new you. Here may be a brief outline of a number of the items about power cables:Wires and cables are the 2 important components that play a serious role in ensuring endless flow of electricity. The quantum and nature of the transmission of electricity varies consistent with the dimensions of the wire and therefore the quality of the fabric with which it’s manufactured. If you don’t use the proper quite electric wire, you tend to face problems like higher electricity bill, damage to gadgets, and instances of electrocutions. so as to avoid these problems, it’s highly imperative that you simply choose wires and cables which are of superior quality and are the simplest in terms of reliability and support like wires and cables. Below are a couple of unique features that make us stand out from other brands:

Copper is not always a better conductor than aluminium:

Many people believe that copper may be a much better conductor of electricity than aluminium in the least times. this is often inaccurate. When it involves matters of what sort of conductor is best between these two metals, there are many factors that require to be taken under consideration .The most important one among them is that conductivity in reference to cable wires isn’t merely a function of the measure of resistivity but rather a singular combination of the dimensions of the cables and therefore the insulation material that’s used. Hence, in cases where super-high voltages need to be used over long distances, it becomes economical for one to use aluminium cables as against copper ones.

Fire and water resistant:

Be it your household or industry, safety is one among the closest attribute once you consider various electrical hazards. appliances or industrial machinery can become faulty / damaged thanks to poor wiring and this will cause serious repercussions like an electrocution or fire accidents.  PVC insulated wires and cables are known for its high thermal stability, which suggests it can withstand high operating temperature. it’s also flame resistant thanks to virgin PVC material that has been utilized in wires PVC insulation provided within the wires have an insulation thickness of 0.7 cm, which is that the best recommended for wires These highly thick insulations make it extremely reliable and immune to factors like fire, water and climate. Over the years, it’s observed that incorporating  wires and cables can help an excellent deal in preventing voltage fluctuations and short circuits.

Cable current capacity is affected by different factors and does not remain stable:

It is common to listen to people talk about the likelihood of their current cable capacity to stay stable forever. Incidentally, this is often a standard misconception about electrical cables that folks hold.However, the reality of the matter is that the cable current capacity changes all the time and doesn’t remain stable over the lifetime of the cables. These changes are usually caused by factors like the prevailing ground or air temperature, the particular manner during which the laying has been administered and therefore the depth at which the cables are laid.

India’s Most Trusted Brand:

Millions of customers have validated wires and cables for its trouble-free superior quality performance, making it the market leader in electrical wires over the past 50 years. 100% conductivity is induced altogether the wires due to the presence of bright annealed electrolytic bare copper. With finely drawn strands of copper within the conductor, these wires provide greater flexibility for conduit wiring. The PVC compound incorporated into the wires as insulations are exclusively manufactured in-house employing a superior grade PVC resin. After passing various quality and electrical safety standards, these wires are ISI marked, also as other approvals applicable within the industry an honest range of products

LAN cables: Local network cables used exclusively for data transmission. Ideally, these cables are 1000 Ft long and should be used for data transmission across short distances. an honest range of LAN cables are available like

Power cables: they’re used for underground transmission of electrical power in residential complexes and commercial buildings.

Optical fibre cables: optical fiber cables are extremely viable for high-speed telecommunication transmission over long distances. what’s unique about them is that the construction of glass tubes along side the plastic insulation.

New cables do not last as long as people expect them to:

There are several reasons on why newly installed power cables do last as long as people expect them to. the primary one is that since there are many manufacturers of electrical cables, it’s highly unlikely that each one the facility cables that you simply install will last for a selected period of your time .The other is that there are many various sorts of power cables. a selected sort of power line is defined in terms of its capacity, durability, usage and other industry-specific characteristics.The third one is that the extent to which a cable lasts heavily relies on the way during which the installation is completed . A poorly done installation may significantly shorten the lifetime of a cable.

cable armor cannot protect electric cables from moisture:

It is commonly held that for any power line types, the inclusion of the armor makes it possible for the cables to be utilized in moist areas. Once more, it should be emphasized that the armor isn’t meant to guard the cable from the water. Therefore, exposing armored cables to water may easily cause the destruction of the armor and cause the exposure of the particular cables over time.

Durability and energy efficiency:

Durability is yet one more striking feature of Finolex wires and cables. The superior quality copper wire utilized in its manufacturing makes it extremely immune to rusts and pests. Also, thanks to various energy efficient technologies, these wires will certainly assist you hamper on your bill .

Advantages of using Wire and Cable

Advantages of Wire

Using solid wire is perfect in case of higher frequencies and it offers low resistance and cost. And the standard wire shows high resistance to the metal.

Advantages of Cable

Cables are heavy duty, well insulated and have higher strength.

Disadvantages of using Wire and Cable

Disadvantages of Wire

The biggest disadvantage of wired technology is that it lacks the mobility that wireless technology provides you’re physically limited to the reach of the cable, whereas wireless technology allows users to maneuver great distances freely and without hassle. Moving equipment that’s even within the range of the cable could even be difficult if you opt on to mount the cables instead of have them dangling.Read more

Another physical constraint of wired technology is that wires are often easily damaged, which isn’t as large of a priority with wireless technology. Exposed cables are vulnerable to everyday abuse from things like cleaning. Wires that are exposed and not properly laid can also pose a tripping risk, not only damaging the cable but also potentially sending someone to the  . Damaged wires may need to be completely replaced.

Disadvantages of Cable

Copper costs much more than fiber optic cable. Copper itself is predicated largely on Latin American foreign trade and thus may be a volatile market relative to domestically produced fiber optic systems. a part of the value problem of copper wire is both that it’s very expensive to store (due to the very fact that it can’t be exposed to oxygen) which it’s heavier, resulting in higher shipping costs.

One of the foremost serious disadvantages of copper wire is its susceptibility to corrosion, that is, oxidation. it’s a shorter anticipation than fiber optic cable as a results of this. Therefore, the matter of copper storage is said to its penchant to be oxidized at relatively normal temperatures.Read more







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