what is Hologram Stickers ?importance and benefits of Hologram Stickers

With changing times, Hologram labels and stickers have also become the popular choice of the various manufacturing companies that are engaged in manufacturing of products for regional and international markets. As Hologram labels are easy to use on product, these stickers are difficult option for counterfeiters to duplicate or black market the merchandise . Further, as process of manufacturing hologram stickers is exclusive , it becomes equally difficult for the stickers to breed .

What Is a Hologram?

A hologram is a picture that has been printed in such how that it appears to be three dimensional, albeit it’s on a 2D surface. Security labels usually use holographic foil for his or her 3D effects. Holographic foil is thin plastic sheeting that has a picture printed thereon with a laser. First, one image is captured from many angles. Then all those angles are printed onto the foil. The result’s an image that appears three-dimensional albeit it’s flat. Generally, the patterns are simple – regular or slightly irregular shapes, or lines of text – because they don’t got to be very complex to resist tampering or counterfeiting.

Types of Holograms:

There are many sorts of holograms, and there are varying ways of classifying them. For our purpose, we will divide them into two types: reflection holograms and transmission holograms.

Reflection Hologram

The reflection hologram, during which a very three-dimensional image is seen near its surface, is that the foremost typical type shown in galleries. The hologram is illuminated by a “spot” of white incandescent light, held at a selected angle and distance and located on the viewer’s side of the hologram. Thus, the image consists of sunshine reflected by the hologram. Recently, these holograms are made and displayed in color—their images optically indistinguishable from the first objects. If a mirror is that the thing , the holographic image of the mirror reflects white light; if a diamond is that the thing , the holographic image of the diamond is seen to “sparkle.”A true reflection hologram features an authentic 3D image and is usually found in galleries. it’s lit with the assistance of an incandescent light of white color, held at a specific distance & angle, and placed on the side of the viewer. As a result, the image is formed from light that has been reflected from the hologram.

Transmission Hologram

This type is most ordinarily viewed with the help of laser light, which is directed from the rear of the hologram for transferring the image to the side of the observer. The virtual impression generally features many depth and sharpness. as an example , an outsized room crammed with people are often viewed entirely via a miniature transmission hologram, albeit it were to be broken into multiple smaller pieces.The typical transmission hologram is viewed with laser light, usually of an equivalent type wont to make the recording. This light is directed from behind the hologram and thus the image is transmitted to the observer’s side. The reflection are often very sharp and deep. as an example , through slightly hologram, a full-size room with people in it are often seen as if the hologram were a window. If this hologram is broken into small pieces (to be less wasteful, the hologram are often covered by slightly of paper with a hole in it), one can still see the whole scene through each bit . counting on things of the piece (hole), a special perspective is observed.

 Working Process :

Hologram stickers are manufactured as light is reflected from any object and is later re-enacted in manner where subject seems to seem in several positions to hologram viewer. we’ll offer these Hologram stickers during a similar way of long sheets with silicon release papers that not only meets criteria of companies but also helps them in securing product identities.

Importance of holographic sticker :

Holographic sticker is an efficient anti-piracy method that finds usage by many top companies who want their end users to receive original article. Being colorful in finish, these quality stickers also can be made available with custom imprint with option of :

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Consecutive serial numbers
  • Further, if our customers got to order more stickers, we’d even be happy to store them for future needs. sort of the USP’s of the labels include :
  • Labels constructed of durable polyester film
  • Adhesive used is permanent acrylic that’s compatible with most papers, plastics also as other non-porous surfaces
  • Background colours & imprint inks used are colourfast for exposure to sunlight for a minimum of 1 year
  • Resolution of custom imprint is as per customers defined security requirement.Read More

Benefits of Hologram Stickers :

  • Made to secure the products against counterfeit, the advantages of hologram stickers include :
  • Most fitted to labeling quality products
  • Custom imprinted Hologram Stickers that are offered with option of text, logo, serial numbers
  • Choose from different range of hologram labels & security packaging products
  • Silver, collared or transparent hologram stickers that are tamper evident (hologram stickers self-destruct when removed)

Use Of Hologram Stickers:

  • Custom hologram stickers have many various uses, one among which is their application for security purposes. Security holograms are very difficult to forge. Replication gets done from a master hologram.
  • The  hologram stickers suppliers use expensive, specialized, and technologically advanced equipment to supply high-quality hologram stickers.
  • These stickers also can be very effective as decorations at space parties and other futuristic events. One hologram sticker could make all the difference at your event.request quote from
  • The use of stickers includes membership cards, gift vouchers, and any products that need protection from counterfeiting.
  • You can also harness these stickers in several shapes for application on your notebooks, textbook covers, school binders, and bookmarks. they go to even be utilized in decorating candle holders, bulletin boards, purses, belts, frames, and other surfaces.
  • Also, vehicle number plates on bikes or cars have registered custom hologram stickers which indicate authenticity. The decals are applicable to official documentation as this helps people to authenticate them quickly within a fast period.
  • For identification, they need unique ID numbers. These stickers also are useful in adding the last word touch to finish packaging. Additionally, they enhance a company’s image and adding another feature for the company’s shelf appeal. So, this is often often often often often differently for a corporation to strengthen its branding and marketing strategy.
  • Hologram stickers are indeed beautiful and useful. They add a really eye-catching feature that quickly lends perceived value to your product. No wonder more people get to use it everywhere the world .Read More


  • Cost effective
  • Higher storage capacity
  • Increased feasibility of objects (depth)
  • Enables the achievement of multiple images on one plate and 3D images
  • Ability to mix with other technologies


  • Provide static images
  • Do not produce images of complex movement
  • Require complicated precise machinery to supply and consider a picture
  • Low axial resolution of inline holography
  • Reference illumination beams are collinear


Holographic interferometry is an optical method that creates it possible to visualise transparent objects, helps explain the physical essence of the investigated events, enables to specify and expand the chances of visualisation of physical fields while the investigated area isn’t disturbed by sensors or sensing heads by which, for instance the local temperatures or concentrations are detected.Read More



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