YouTube’s best tricks

If you are also fond of YouTube, then before using it, know some of its interesting information well. According to Alexa, YouTube is the second most used website after Google. This is a video streaming entertainment website. Today we have brought some interesting information from youtube that you will definitely want to know.


YouTube’s normal keyboard shortcut

Spacebar – Pose / Play
F – Fullscreen
Esc – turn off fullscreen
0 (zero) or Home key – move the video to the very beginning
End key – move the video to the end
Right Arrow key – 5 seconds ahead
left Arrow key – move 5 seconds back
Up and Down key – decrease and increase the volume
1 to 9 keys – move video from 10% to 90%



Anyone can convert a video to GIF


If you want to convert any YouTube video’s view to GIF, then you just have to put gif in front of YouTube. For example, if your number wants to convert any view of to GIF, then you need to enter the number Do it, after which a new GIF page will open from where you can create a gif.





Also download a youtube video


Now you can download any video from YouTube and watch it later, for this you just have to put ss in front of YouTube in the list. Like- if you want to download this number video then only you have to press Nter in front of YouTube There will be a new page from where you can download that video.





There is another way to download videos like this –






Anyone repeats the video themselves



We like some videos that we want to watch them again and again. There is no need to pageload for this, just go to the list, you can play your video, or loop this list If you want to do that, you just need to put in front of YouTube in that list and press enter, now your video will repeat until you strip it.





How to watch block video





Sometimes such a problem occurs that the video you want to watch is blocked in your country. Which you cannot see from here, but it is also jugaad. You just have to make a simple change in the list. For example, given number will have to be changed to this number After this, you can easily watch that video.



Share the video with your desired point


Most people do not like to watch videos. For this, you can share any YouTube video on your favorite sites like Facebook Twitter. Right click on the point from which you want to share the video, click on the copied video URL at the present time. Paste as far as you want to share.





Some Basic Settings of YouTube





YouTube has some more basic settings you should know. For example, you can set HD, FHD or normal size in video quality, increase the video speed by eight / speed, and turn autoplay on or off.


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